Water Pure Essential Oil - Nurture

Water Pure Essential Oil - Nurture


Part of the Elemental Pure Essential Oil range, these bespoke pure essential oils are crafted using the highest quality pure (1g/g) Grade 1 essential oils. Each Elemental Pure Essential Oil helps you draw on the strength of its elemental persona.


Collect all 4 Elemental Pure Essential Oils and use a different one daily, depending on your bio-rhythms, mood and schedule.  By working with different pure essential oils, the body senses are continually stimulated and harmonised by the especially selected essential oils.


Water Pure Essential Oil is a calming blend designed to harmonise and balance the Water element that is housed in the Sacral Chakra, or Swadhisthana in Sanskrit, and is a bespoke combination of Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram, and Geranium.


A few drops in your aromatherapy vapouriser will enhance your home or office environment with a beautiful natural therapeutic fragrance. The pure oils can also be added to your bath or spa for total sensory indulgence.


The Water Pure Essential Oil brings calmness and relaxation; nurtures your senses to encourage compassion, insight and spiritual depth.  Is particularly soothing for sensitivity, and restoring balance through times of stress.


Important – Do not apply Pure Essential Oil Blends directly to the skin.


Chakra location and attributes: Sacral Chakra, associated with instinct, emotion and primal energy.

Element: Water Persona

Size: 10ml bottle

Skin type:  All skin types