Revitaliser Mask

Revitaliser Mask

SKU: RS107

Part of the Holistic Skincare range, which is a synergy of ancient healing wisdoms and modern skin science, each product will deliver great results naturally.  Using natural ingredients of the highest quality and effectiveness to work in synergy with your skin so you can enjoy a pure natural skin care that really works. 


Each product contains Ether wildflower essence remedy, the fifth Ayurvedic element. Ether wildflower essence remedy is a bespoke blend of native Australia wildflowers - Star of Bethlehem, White Spider Orchid and Ursinia. This essence is designed to work on all skin types to destress and restore balance and harmony naturally, to give you radiant, beautiful, naturally stress free skin.


Revitaliser Mask is a versatile that is designed to regenerate and revitalise your skin. Its unique blend of natural ingredients, based on kaolin and bentonite clays, is formulated to gently deep cleanse, firm and tighten the skin while absorbing impurities. Thyme, Hawthorn and Aloe extracts soothe and calm.


Weekly use with your Revitaliser Mask will refine the skin's texture leaving a softer, clearer complexion.


Size: 80g

Skin types: All skin types


All products and packaging are Earth friendly