Eye Bright Anti-Puffiness Gelee

Eye Bright Anti-Puffiness Gelee

SKU: RS206

Using revolutionary new formulas, the skin intensives are powerful anti-ageing skin repair serums to help you regain beautiful, healthy and youthful skin.  With continued use your skin won’t show its true age ever again.


Fight under-eye dark circles, baggy eyelids and sagging skin around the eyes.


This cool soothing gel contains clinically proven ingredients, designed to calm swelling and irritation, revitalise circulation and significantly reduce under-eye discolouration.


A unique blend of Euphrasia (Eyebright flower), Sea Lettuce, Locust Bean and Evening Primrose extracts instantly make the under-eye area feel tighter and look firmer, while diminishing the appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness.


The result is healthy, fresh, youthful bright eyes.


Best for mature/dry, normal and combination skin types. Best applied after serums, but before moisturiser.


Size: 15ml tube

Skin types: Mature/dry, normal and combination