Fire Wildflower Essence - Inspire

Fire Wildflower Essence - Inspire

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Part of a vibrational range of naturopathic healing infusions, the bespoke Wildflower essences are Ayurvedic inspired elemental remedies crafted for modern day to day life.


Proprietary naturopaths venture deep into the bush to gather the essence of these native wildflowers, embracing the ancient healing heritage of aboriginal Australia. This remedy works through each product restoring balance and harmony, to give you radiant, beautiful, naturally stress-free skin.


This range has been specifically designed to balance your body's energy flow, reduce stress, and renew energy.  Targeted solutions are provided for inner wellness as each elemental blend brings your body into the true positive flow of your persona. When used in conjunction with your elemental skincare products the results are amplified, resulting in glowing healthy skin and balanced inner harmony.


Each Elemental essence contains a bespoke blend of native Australian wildflower essences that are imbued with the vital consciousness of the plants from which they are derived.


Fire Wildflower Essence contains a wonderful blend of Red Beak Orchid, Balga (Blackboy) and Pink Trumpet Flower healing essences. This remedy will unlock any built up stress and imbalances from within, keeping you in the positive aspect of the Fire Persona - energetic, enthusiastic and goal-oriented.


Chakra location and attributes: Solar Plexus, associated with will, cleansing and identity.

Element: Fire Persona

Size: 25ml bottle with dropper

Recommended dosage: 4 drops under your tongue morning & night

Skin type:  All skin types