Botanical Bio-Peptide Complex

Botanical Bio-Peptide Complex

SKU: RS201

Using revolutionary new formulas, the skin intensives are powerful anti-ageing skin repair serums to help you regain beautiful, healthy and youthful skin.  With continued use your skin will not show its true age ever again.


Reduce wrinkles with a concentrated dose of anti-ageing peptides. Clinical tests show a 68% reduction in deep surface wrinkles in just 8 weeks!


This triple action serum delivers a direct concentrated dose of amino peptides, oxygenators and cold pressed botanicals that work together to revitalise ageing skin.


Designed for ageing, environmentally damaged and wrinkled skin, this collagen building oil-free gel is also fabulous for softening the appearance of age spots and dark circles while enhancing skin firmness and texture.


Best for mature/dry, normal and combination skin types. Always follow with appropriate moisturisers, applied over the serum.


Size: 30ml bottle with pump dispenser

Skin types: Mature/dry, normal and combination