Air Herbal Infusion - Awaken

Air Herbal Infusion - Awaken

SKU: RT01-04B

Based on Ayurvedic elements, this unique infusion is caffeine-free and uses only the purest organic herbals.


Air herbal infusion is a bespoke blend of Peppermint, Siberian ginseng, Lemon verbena, Wood betony and Ginger.


It is an awakening blend designed to harmonise and balance the Air element that is housed in the Heart Chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit.


This herbal infusion is designed to assist with clearing confusion and restore clarity and focus.


Chakra location and attributes: Heart Chakra, associated with compassion, love and healing

Element: Air Persona

Size: 20 pieces (individual serves) in a resealable foil bag

Skin type: All skin types