Where East meets West
& Your Body finds Home

 Looking for a place of solace, away from your day to day life, where your body and mind get to relax whilst your soul is being balanced, harmonised and nurtured,


As Adelaide's first Intuitive Energy Healing Spa, we take great care to ensure that your energy bodies and energy centres are aligned

 so as to bring you back to your natural rhythm and harmony.

We are passionate about looking after the wellness of your human vessel

and do not believe in one fits all.

So we provide bespoke wellness therapies and treatments that are individually customised to you and your body.

 with your 
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Crystal Therapy
Holistic Seashell Therapy
Sacred Stone Massage
Healing Massage
Body Exfoliator & Hydrator

e: oceanwellbeing@hotmail.com

Adelaide South Australia

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A number of wonderful bespoke facials are currently on offer from Wildflower Healing, Mini Flower Healing, Collagen Booster, Sacred Stone Ayurvedic facial and our Signature Natural Crystal facial.